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Toll Free Prayer Lines

Do You Need Prayer?

Do you need to talk to a Real Person?
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1-800 Prayer Lines are here for you in your time of need.
Most are 24 hour a day Prayer Lines.

1-800 Lines for Prayer

Your Direct Line for Immediate Help

National Prayer Center
Assemblies of God
1.800.4.prayer (1-800-477-2937) or
Fax Prayer Request to 1-(800)-328-0285

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Vanessa
Thank you to all who prayed for me. I got a place to live. I've been there for a week now. God came through right at the last minute. A friend that works in my office building said I could stay at her house as long as I want. And I'm not being charged rent- but I am contributing and plus I will help out with her kids from time to time when needed. I love being there and she even is happy to have me there. We both realized God set this up. Praise God!!!-

Posted by: Jeanine
Thank you Jesus and prayer friends for praying that my 6-week old nephew and other family members did not catch my bad cold, and that my mom and I had a safe trip.-

Posted by: Sujatha Rajasukumar
Praise God for He his mercies and blessings showered upon my daughter anthea sherina for she is engaged to Julian Samuel on 9th april and thank God for showing a wonderful person as my daughter's life partner.

Posted by: Roussan
I praise the LORD for blessing me beyond what I could ever imagine!

Posted by: stephen
Thankyou for your prayers all,through faith in Saviour healed of nicotine addiction and Post traumatic stress disoroder symptoms.-

Morris Curullo Help Line
1 (866) 756-4200

United Kingdom Free Call

All Other International Calls
44 1442-288-547

Marylin Hickey Ministries
1 (877) 661-1249


700 Club
Christian Broadcasting Network
1 (800) 759-0700

TD Jakes Ministries

BreakThrough -w- Rod Parsley

Trinity Broad-casting Network
1 (877) 731-1000

World Network of Prayer
1 (888) 234-PRAY  (1-800-234-7729)

World Missionary Evangelism
1 (800) 501-2851

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for such wonderful Christian friends, and for traveling mercies.I praise HIM for the opportunity to share HIS Word, and for the doors HE is opening for me.I praise HIM for the opportunity to travel and make new Christian friends, and for giving me eternal life. Praise JESUS for HIS great mercy!-

Posted by: Roussan
I praise the LORD for the health and peace HE gives me, and for helping me to endure various trials.I praise HIM for blessing me with food,shelter,and clothing, and for helping me to love people more.I praise HIM for setting me free from my worhtless way of life, and for giving me new life in HIM. I praise HIM for all the great people I get to meet, and for keeping me free from evil and harm.Thanks so much for your prayers - they are truly working!-

Posted by: tiny
I thank God for all you all prayers. My daughter is back at school. And is doing fine. I thank God for that.

Posted by: Matthew Garza
I had a delinquent account with my university that stopped me from getting my transcripts. I had to file bankruptcy for it and even after that i was told that the school had to talk to a lawyer to see if they could dispute the debt.Just last week I learned that the charges were taken off of my account and I can now get my transcripts! I do not have to worry about it anymore, thank God! It is all Him!-

Posted by: Haakon
I got transfered to a better school yesterday! Praise the Lord and thank you for all your prayers!

Discipleship Evangelism
WorldWide Ministry
1 (800) 313-DEWW    (1-800-313-3399)

United Methodist Church
General Board of GlobalMinistries

Upper Room Ministries

First Baptist Church of Picaynue
1(800) 297-9462



Truck Stop Ministries
1(800) 248-8662

Truckers for Christ
1 (800) 632-8842


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