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Toll Free Prayer Lines

Do You Need Prayer?

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1-800 Prayer Lines are here for you in your time of need.
Most are 24 hour a day Prayer Lines.

1-800 Lines for Prayer

Your Direct Line for Immediate Help

National Prayer Center
Assemblies of God
1.800.4.prayer (1-800-477-2937) or
Fax Prayer Request to 1-(800)-328-0285

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for this beautiful morning, for HIS wondrous creation, and for HIS peace that surpasses all understanding. Thanks so much for your prayers!-

Posted by: Belinda Doss
Praise the Lord for all he is doing in my and Mickeys relationship. truly a Miracle. Praise you Lord. Amen!

Posted by: tk
I wanted to get in touch with an old friend and I finally did! We both accepted Jesus for the first time many years ago. I have rededicated my life recently I she weighed heavily on my mind. I pray that she would return to the one who called her. She has been the nicest friend in the world! Praise God!

Posted by: sandra
i am on vacation with limited funds i lost the rental car keys and was told that if i dont find it it will cost me 250 dollars. while my husband is away i dont really have that money to give. i prayed to God and i couldn't find it everyone in the store help me look this morning i had to return the keys so i went back to yhe same store some other woman was there and looked real hard i said jesus; name in my headand meant it the lady found my key and i avoided paying 250 dollars. a-men to God glory to his name

Posted by: Karen
Thank you so very much for joining your prayers with ours. My Dad had been in ICU on a ventilator since Dec. 18.and had to have a pleural cavity tap to remove fluid build up. He had stopped breathing at one point and his heart stopped for a full minute. He is post stroke and had both uro-sepsis and aspiration pneumonia. Christmas evening , he was taken off the ventilator, subsequently the pleural tap was removed. On Dec. 29 he left ICU, last night the respirator therapist who had seen him enter through the E.R. on the 18th, saw him, and said he was a miracle: made of steel and rubber, and that his lungs sounded excellent. The therapist could almost not believe his ears as he listened with his stethescope.My Dad has still a long road to recovery. But I trust the Lord will continue to bless him. Please continue to remember, my Dad, Edward, in your prayers. Thank you once again. Yours in Christ -

Morris Curullo Help Line
1 (866) 756-4200

United Kingdom Free Call

All Other International Calls
44 1442-288-547

Marylin Hickey Ministries
1 (877) 661-1249


700 Club
Christian Broadcasting Network
1 (800) 759-0700

TD Jakes Ministries

BreakThrough -w- Rod Parsley

Trinity Broad-casting Network
1 (877) 731-1000

World Network of Prayer
1 (888) 234-PRAY  (1-800-234-7729)

World Missionary Evangelism
1 (800) 501-2851

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Jacqueline
Thank you for being so faithful to all your promises O Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth and thank you, Lord for answering our prayers and for sending 17 new students and for working into the violent muslim man's heart by the name of Jeffri to have mercy on us and thank you especially for providing us the money to pay him. Thank you for all the prayer warriors whom you sent to pray to you on our behalf. May you, O Lord bless and keep them forever. In Jesus' name. Amen. Amen. -

Posted by: dhonna
Thank you God for all your blessings and for the new channels of good that are coming. Please be with me for my special request. Amen

Posted by: sharon
i asked for prayer for my sister dorothy who had given up, and stopped eating, after posting a prayer for her, i called and she said i`m eating for no reason, are you praying for me, i said praise the lord, yes we are praying for you, well she said i was working for an elderly lady, and i made her pancakes, and suddenly i reached down and put some in my mouth. and i`ve started to eat all day, Praise God prayer warriors, my sister shall live, and not die.-

Posted by: Regina
Hello everyone -Awhile back, I requested prayer for my 6-year-old Great-nephew ALexander Jr. He was terribly ill in the hospital with staff and bacterial infection throughout his body, pnuemonia, etc. He needed a miracle...He needed divine intervention. All of our prayers have been answered. Miraculously he is healed now!!! And after being in the hospital since Christmastime, he was finally discharged from the hospital yesterday!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers!!!! God does hear our prayers and nothing is too big for him!!! Praise God and thank you all a million times for joining us in prayer.. May God bless each and every one of you and your loved ones always.SIncerely,Regina and Family -

Posted by: Bev
For all who prayed for me over the past several years, I say thank you. I finally have a job. It's in my career field at a good salary, and in a good location...no commuting. And I didn't even have to interview for it. They just called me and offered me the job. Jesus does answer prayer..He does!-

Discipleship Evangelism
WorldWide Ministry
1 (800) 313-DEWW    (1-800-313-3399)

United Methodist Church
General Board of GlobalMinistries

Upper Room Ministries

First Baptist Church of Picaynue
1(800) 297-9462



Truck Stop Ministries
1(800) 248-8662

Truckers for Christ
1 (800) 632-8842


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