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Toll Free Prayer Lines

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1-800 Prayer Lines are here for you in your time of need.
Most are 24 hour a day Prayer Lines.

1-800 Lines for Prayer

Your Direct Line for Immediate Help

National Prayer Center
Assemblies of God
1.800.4.prayer (1-800-477-2937) or
Fax Prayer Request to 1-(800)-328-0285

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Gail
Went to court regarding contempt charges against my husband. My husband was found guilty of contempt of court. He had my utilities completely disconnected against the court order. He was ordered to restore utilities and also pay me for my out of pocket expenses.

Posted by: lesa
I would like to thank everyone for their prayers. God, answered our prayers. God cause the enemy to release my funds within the same week of me posting my prayer request. God bless each and everyone one of you, in Jesus name, Aaaamen.-

Posted by: Uzo
I want to testify of our Lords faithfulness.He is indeed a prayer answering God.I finally sat for my medical board exam on the 6th of April,and in his faithfulness,and response to all the intercessory prayers you all said on my behalf,he saw me through the exam.The exam went very well as our good Lord caused all that i had read in preparation for the exam to come back to memory.The results of the exam wont be out till next month,but i know that in his faithfulness he has granted me a good score .May his Almighty name be glorified.Please join me in thanking him for his faithfulness.Thank you

Posted by: Tina Neal
I would like to thank the prayer warrior and all of those who have prayed for me over the past few months. Our fear to walk outside and being harrassed by our neighbor has ceased. We can now walk outside and she will ignore us. Yes, she still speaks ulgy things about us to other people, but that is fine with me as long as she leaves us alone. Thank you for helping us get our truck. The prayer warrior has worked wonders and if anyone ever says prayer doesn't work - THEY'RE WRONG. Without prayer, I would probably have already had a nervous breakdown. Keep the faith and keep praying for all of those who need it.. Love each and everyone of you..-

Posted by: Karen
Thank you so very much for joining your prayers with ours. My Dad had been in ICU on a ventilator since Dec. 18.and had to have a pleural cavity tap to remove fluid build up. He had stopped breathing at one point and his heart stopped for a full minute. He is post stroke and had both uro-sepsis and aspiration pneumonia. Christmas evening , he was taken off the ventilator, subsequently the pleural tap was removed. On Dec. 29 he left ICU, last night the respirator therapist who had seen him enter through the E.R. on the 18th, saw him, and said he was a miracle: made of steel and rubber, and that his lungs sounded excellent. The therapist could almost not believe his ears as he listened with his stethescope.My Dad has still a long road to recovery. But I trust the Lord will continue to bless him. Please continue to remember, my Dad, Edward, in your prayers. Thank you once again. Yours in Christ -

Morris Curullo Help Line
1 (866) 756-4200

United Kingdom Free Call

All Other International Calls
44 1442-288-547

Marylin Hickey Ministries
1 (877) 661-1249


700 Club
Christian Broadcasting Network
1 (800) 759-0700

TD Jakes Ministries

BreakThrough -w- Rod Parsley

Trinity Broad-casting Network
1 (877) 731-1000

World Network of Prayer
1 (888) 234-PRAY  (1-800-234-7729)

World Missionary Evangelism
1 (800) 501-2851

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Fenny Tan
I asked a prayer before my surgery on March 11,2004. I was concern about my hearing after surgery, but Thanks be to God, I am fine now, I can communicate with people better now.Thanks for support in prayer.-

Posted by: Anne
Praise and Thanks for all the prayers!! My fiance' has entered into drug rehab to get himself straightened out and turned around!! It's the start of all good things to come!! Hallelujah!!

Posted by: Belinda Doss
Praise the Lord! my friend Steve, who i requested prayer for was on his way home yesterday and his truck broke down in front of a Church. Praise the Lord for your signs. The youth pastor came out and told him it was just the devil trying to frustrate him. Pray that God draws him back to him. Thank you all for your prayers and God Bless you!-

Posted by: Roussan
Last night we witnessed in Hollywood and David Hasselhoff saw our sign for JESUS. We are going again tonight since there is a major awards event going on -GOD is adding to our number of street witnesses, and may GOD bless you for your prayers - they are truly working!

Posted by: Olga
Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers. The Lord is answering our prayers. I didn't lose my job , I will be able to graduate and the lord have been providing the funding for everyday needs. Also my husband is recovering from pancreatitis very well.Thanks, God bless you!-

Discipleship Evangelism
WorldWide Ministry
1 (800) 313-DEWW    (1-800-313-3399)

United Methodist Church
General Board of GlobalMinistries

Upper Room Ministries

First Baptist Church of Picaynue
1(800) 297-9462



Truck Stop Ministries
1(800) 248-8662

Truckers for Christ
1 (800) 632-8842


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