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Toll Free Prayer Lines

Do You Need Prayer?

Do you need to talk to a Real Person?
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1-800 Prayer Lines are here for you in your time of need.
Most are 24 hour a day Prayer Lines.

1-800 Lines for Prayer

Your Direct Line for Immediate Help

National Prayer Center
Assemblies of God
1.800.4.prayer (1-800-477-2937) or
Fax Prayer Request to 1-(800)-328-0285

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Andrea
Thank you all so much for all praying for me ny prayers have been answered.Thank you all. God bless

Posted by: SJW
My sister got back her results from her gall bladder test that I had requested prayer for. There's nothing...Negative AMEN!!!!

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for persecution for HIS Names sake. I praise GOD for the fellowship of HIS sufferings, and I praise GOD for everlasting life! Thanks so much for your prayers!-

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for the great help HE has given me in my street ministry, and for the recent website a friend has created for the Christian newsletter I write. GOD has been awesome to me, and has blessed me with a wonderful and supportive church family. Please pray GOD blesses them all, and please pray I will not let GOD's people down.Please pray our faith stays strong. Thankyou!-

Posted by: Stella
I want to praise the Lord for His love. I can never thank him enough for everything that His love has done for me and my family. I want the world to know the glory for Jesus. He is the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings. I love Lord. You are the beautiful. Thank you for saving my life.

Morris Curullo Help Line
1 (866) 756-4200

United Kingdom Free Call

All Other International Calls
44 1442-288-547

Marylin Hickey Ministries
1 (877) 661-1249


700 Club
Christian Broadcasting Network
1 (800) 759-0700

TD Jakes Ministries

BreakThrough -w- Rod Parsley

Trinity Broad-casting Network
1 (877) 731-1000

World Network of Prayer
1 (888) 234-PRAY  (1-800-234-7729)

World Missionary Evangelism
1 (800) 501-2851

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Kim
Thank You God for all your coontinuous blessings! Thank You prayer partners for your continuous prayers. Thank You God for restoring, renewing and rebuilding my relationship with Idris, I know that Idris is going to relocate to live with me permanently, and I know that we'll spend every day together when we are reunited again next month. Thank You Jesus for blessing me and hearing and answering all my prayers! God Bless everyone!-

Posted by: Jeanine
Praise and thanks to God for protecting my mom and I when we were so close to being hit by a fast-moving car today. The Lord shielded us and I just thank and praise him for His protection! Thank you, Jesus!-

Posted by: dhonna
I'd like to thank God for giving my parents a way to solve their problems. Although my parents' land has not been sold, but there are some bright prospects for this land. Please continue to pray. God bless each and every one of you.

Posted by: Cathy
Originally, the doctors told our pastor that he needed 6 weeks of chemo and radical surgery. Now, they are saying NO surgery and seed implants. Tests need to be done again. We are believing that this time the tests will show no cancer! God is good ALL the time!-

Posted by: Farmer
THANK YOU! to all who have prayed for the predicted frost to be pushed away, in order to save our crops. The Lord is with us. There was a frost to the North, to the West, to the East and to the South of us, but our crops were spared!-

Discipleship Evangelism
WorldWide Ministry
1 (800) 313-DEWW    (1-800-313-3399)

United Methodist Church
General Board of GlobalMinistries

Upper Room Ministries

First Baptist Church of Picaynue
1(800) 297-9462



Truck Stop Ministries
1(800) 248-8662

Truckers for Christ
1 (800) 632-8842


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