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Toll Free Prayer Lines

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1-800 Prayer Lines are here for you in your time of need.
Most are 24 hour a day Prayer Lines.

1-800 Lines for Prayer

Your Direct Line for Immediate Help

National Prayer Center
Assemblies of God
1.800.4.prayer (1-800-477-2937) or
Fax Prayer Request to 1-(800)-328-0285

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD today for the work HE is doing in the hearts of those around me.I see HIM setting people free from sin and using them to bring others to CHRIST. I see CHRIST being formed in those I've spoken with, and I am very excited to work with these people in ministry. GOD is drawing us together to do works for HIM, and I am filled with great hope. Those on the street are being set free from addiction, and I know GOD is preparing individuals around me for ministry. GOD is transforming one of the darkest areas of Seattle(Pioneer square), and this is a very exciting thing. Please pray GOD keeps us patient and diligent, since I have been blessed to see the rewards of waiting on HIM.Thankyou so much for your prayers, and may GOD bless you for your diligence which is transforming our city for JESUS!-

Posted by: mike h
i`m hoping this is an praise gina and i are going to talk soon PRAISE JESUS! and i thank you all for your prayers for gina and i may God bless you all 100 times PRAISE JESUS YES JESUS YES! God knows how much i love her he see all in every ones hearts and i`m keeping the faith we will be join together in jesus name YES JESUS! thank you lord jesus i praise you and love you lord. and i love gina too God bless you all in jesus name amen!

Posted by: Jeanine
Praise God that my aunt Mabel's biopsy report showed no bone cancer. It's a blessing and relief!

Posted by: PAM
I have been asking for prayer for JW and me. Well God performed a miracle last week and took a huge problem out of the picture. His ex was trying to get back into his life. I asked God to get her out.. she is a user and liar... God did just as I asked. He allowed someone else to be in her life. She is now with him. I know God answers prayer.. but this really excited me!

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD the Father and our LORD JESUS CHRIST for the great abundance of blessings they have given me in CHRIST JESUS!I praise them for a blessed prayer place I found today, as well as for great fellowship.I praise HIM for helping me in helping others, and for giving me great grace when I fail. GOD is always faithful, and I praise HIM for HIS never ending faithfulness to all.Please pray all will give glory to HIM for HIS constant faithfulness and love, and thankyou so much for your prayers! They are truly working!-

Morris Curullo Help Line
1 (866) 756-4200

United Kingdom Free Call

All Other International Calls
44 1442-288-547

Marylin Hickey Ministries
1 (877) 661-1249


700 Club
Christian Broadcasting Network
1 (800) 759-0700

TD Jakes Ministries

BreakThrough -w- Rod Parsley

Trinity Broad-casting Network
1 (877) 731-1000

World Network of Prayer
1 (888) 234-PRAY  (1-800-234-7729)

World Missionary Evangelism
1 (800) 501-2851

Recent Praise Reports from our Worldwide Intercessory Prayer Center

Posted by: Chris
Oh my God. Yesterday I saw on the news about the kipnapped Japanese people whom the captors said they would burn alive. The situation looked hopeless. I prayed for them several times and posted a prayer here. Nine people responded to the prayer request. I'm sure that thousands or millions around the world must have prayed for them, because there are good people in the world.The captors just said they will release the hostages within 24 hours (Easter). Sunni Muslim clerics convinced them to. Please pray that the hostages be released as promised. God is doing this. Prayer changes the world! PRAISE GOD!-

Posted by: Deanna
I thank you Dear Lord, for all blessings. I thank you for my peace, joy, and happiness. You've blessed me right in the middle of my mess and I thank you. And yes, I know everything will be all right. I thank you for making a way out of no way.-

Posted by: rose
Thank you for all who prayed for my family. Things are starting to get back on track...Also God is mending broken roads between me and past enemies.. and I thank God for that!!!

Posted by: linda
randy's stomache cramps-weakness etc. is healed praise God!!rusty is still alive though still feeling bad from 3 hernia;s being removed fromn stomache yesterdayandlow blood pressure.thanks to all you wonderful prayer warriorsandGod bless you all.

Posted by: flossie massey c/o michelle massey
Hallelujah! Thamk you all so much for praying for my 91yr.old grandmother. The Father heard all our voices and answered. My grandmother was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and needed a pacemeaker in order to live. The procedure was done on 11/23and11/24 and she returned home on the day of the last surgery. Praise GOD! Although she is tired from surgery she has noticeable improvements in her breathing and that fatigue is gone. GOD has blessed our family with more time together. GOD BLESS. Keep praying for God to heal all of our loved ones.Sincerely,Michelle

Discipleship Evangelism
WorldWide Ministry
1 (800) 313-DEWW    (1-800-313-3399)

United Methodist Church
General Board of GlobalMinistries

Upper Room Ministries

First Baptist Church of Picaynue
1(800) 297-9462



Truck Stop Ministries
1(800) 248-8662

Truckers for Christ
1 (800) 632-8842


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